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Aluminum cookware mete
Circle Aluminum Sheet


Aluminum cookware mete

Circle Aluminum Sheet


Aluminum is the third most abundant element and the most workable metal. ARA CORP can supply

various size and smaller order, include special order size, circle and hairline pattern


ARA Corp supplies aluminum rolling products that are utilized for cookware, construction, distribution,

 Electricity, and beverage cans not only in Korea, but also in world markets.


ARA Corp mainly supplies final materials for air-conditioner and refrigerator, and materials for cookware,

 Construction, transportation, electricity / electronic, and other industries.



Survey of Application


1000 SeriesA1050Good workability, corrosion resistance, weldability,             conductivity & reflectivity Regular Size Sheet, Insulation, Lithographic 
A1070 Cathod Plate, Cap & closures 
A1100 Utensil, General sheet 
A1235 Foil, General sheet 
3000 SeriesA3003Good formability, weldability,  corrosion resistance Hard anodizing & porcelain cookware 
A3004 Rice cookware & electric pressure cookware 
A3005 Construction meterials 
NS3003 Nonstick cookware 
X3000 Special item only for frying pen 
5000 SeriesA5005Good workability, sound proof Sound-Isolation, Panels, Electricals 
A5052 Electricals, Automobile Parts, Machinery Parts 
6000 SeriesA6061The heat treated alloy and  has good corrosion resistance Machinery Part, Electricals, profile 
A6063 Construction meterials, profile 
8000 SeriesN8150Milky surface after anodizing, good workability Cookware 
9000 SeriesI9000Milky surface after anodizing, improved the strength of N8150 alloy Cookware 



Standard Production Range


Coil0.1 ~ 6.0 mm1,300 mmID : 300, 508mm
Circle0.5 ~ 6.0 mmMax 950 
Sheet0.1 ~ 6.0 mm1,300 mm 
Plate6 ~ 150 mm1,350 mm 




The Aluminum Circle products of ARA will satisfy various demands of customers by the best quality,

 short delivery time, and swift customer service.


ARA Corp always does its best to prepare beforehand to satisfy the demands of customers.



An order of inquiry should be accompanied by the following information.


1. Size : Thickness / Width / Length ( in case of Cut Lengths).

2. Specification requirement :  Coating designation or Wt / Type of coating & surface treatment

                            Coil I.D / Packing Weight.

3. Quantity.

4. Intended use

5. Packing and marking requirement.

6. Delivery Requirement.

7. Required inspection, if other than mill inspection.

8. Other pertinent information.